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Online, Meet Offline.

Empyr is the leading card-linked offer engagement platform for national brands and digital publishers– increasing consumer engagement, driving guaranteed revenue, and unlocking transparent offline sales analytics.

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Advertise on the best sites & apps,
only pay for in-store sales.

Exclusive Distribution
Showcase your brand on the engagement and loyalty programs of leading digital publishers, unavailable through any other platform.
Full Offline Attribution
Close the online to offline gap– unlock transparent in-store sales attribution using our comprehensive, real-time analytics dashboard.
Guaranteed ROAS
Your brand is promoted to millions of potential consumers and you only pay for sales, with zero fees for clicks or impressions.

Consumer Marketplace

225M+ Consumers, Unlimited Revenue

Easily deploy high performance card-linked offer campaigns on some of the best sites and apps, reaching 225M+ consumers at lightning speed.

Smarter Revenue

Minimum 10X ROAS, Guaranteed

Empyr powers CPR™, a Cost-Per-Revenue model that drives motivated customers to your stores without charging for clicks and impressions. You only pay a small fee when the sale happens.

Real-Time Analytics

100% In-Store Revenue Attribution

No more guesswork, no more wasting time with manual reporting. Track online ads all the way through to in-store sales with personalized real-time analytics.

You're in good company

Trusted by top forward-thinking national brands and digital publishers

"With a few extra dollars here, a few more there, you can quickly collect enough money for a tank of gas, a little treat for yourself, or a present for someone special."

Laura Soriano


"The most exciting aspect of Cash Back is how it works in tandem with our existing app features and enhances the data-driven insights and recommendations we already provide"

Tapan Bhat


"Working with Empyr means we can bring retail offers to cardholders, but crucially the myGini engine can target these and make sure that the consumer gets the offers and rewards that matter on their smartphones at the point of transaction."

Reka Agopcsa


"Empyr has been a great solution to work alongside in pushing the boundaries of online to offline marketing. They helped us to drive higher engagement with our most active users while also helping to monetize our earliest solutions."

Tom Bachar


"Card Linked Offers provide a seamless client experience, to earn back money when spending on life’s necessities, like groceries and gas."

Allyson Federbush